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This week’s theme is ANIMALS – with guests Maggi Hambling, the British painter and sculptor, and comedian Harry Hill joining. Perry asks viewers to send in their artworks of animals – a beloved pet, an abstract, or an exotic animal.

“Grayson Perry, one of Britain’s leading artists, brings the nation together through art, making new works and hosting masterclasses set to unleash our collective creativity during lockdown.”

A six part series of themed shows screened on Channel 4 TV, where Perry encourages the public to take part and invites them to contribute their artworks made in isolation, alongside those produced by his weekly guests, to form an exhibition at the end of the series.

Catch up on episodes online on Channel 4

Image from Channel 4 TV showing photo of Grayson Perry standing and leaning on the back of a chair with white text on dark grey background advertising Grayson Perry's Art Club weekly lockdown programme

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