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A rejigged at-home version of the planned Sea Shambles event at the Hall (which was sadly cancelled) will be shown to form part of the Royal Albert Home series.

“Anchored by Robin Ince (co-host of Radio 4’s Infinite Monkey Cage), Dr Helen Czerski (renowned physicist and oceanographer) and Steve Backshall (naturalist, explorer and wildlife presenter), the show will see a range of special guest scientists, comedians and musicians (all soon to be announced) join the fun from their living rooms for a science, music and comedy show about the past, present and future of our blue planet.

We look forward to welcoming you to this eclectic livestream event for comedy lovers, music fans and science enthusiasts alike.

Presented in association with The Cosmic Shambles Network and the Stay at Home Festival.”

The Royal Albert Home shows will all be streamable free of charge, but with the option to make a donation. The Royal Albert Hall will turn 150 years old in 2021 and are closed for the first time since World War Two due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning that they have no regular income to support their staff or our Grade I-listed building.

Royal Albert Home series poster advertising Sea Shambles performance

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