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We’ll be attending this event at Stradbroke Community Centre.

Are you interested in finding out about what your community has to offer, looking for new opportunities or connections?
Come along for tea & cake, slipper exchange and meet support services and local groups.
There will be the opportunity to take part in dementia friend’s sessions, have any walking aid ferrules checked and replaced.
Come and join the fair!

The Rural Coffee Caravan Warm Homes project will be able to offer advice & support on rural energy issues such as safer switching, Smart meters, improving your home insulation and bulk fuel buying. If you’re finding it a struggle to keep yourself warm at home in the winter, or to pay your heating bills, come along and chat to our friendly Rural Energy Officer who will not be trying to sell anything, just offering free guidance and support to people in rural Suffolk, to keep you warm and well at home.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Gareth on 07843 343 810 or email Gareth.moir@suffolk.gov.uk

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