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Suffolk Wildlife Trust is running a Christmas challenge called 12 Days Wild!

From 25th December to 5th January there are 12 ways you can get closer to nature.

  • Go on a winter walk – Where to Go!
  • Make a Christmas wreath for birds – Get Started!
  • Spot a Starling Murmuration – Where to Go!
  • Investigate Animal Tracks – Where to Look!
  • Photograph the Frost
  • Fundraise for Wildlife – Raise Funds 
  • Watch Wildlife out of your Window –
  • Find A Feather – Draw it, photograph it or try and work out who it has come from!
  • Watch a Sunrise or Sunset
  • Find Fantastic Fungi – Where to Look!
  • Feed the Birds – What to Feed them!
  • Tune In by Switching Off- Spend a day without electronics!

For more information on how to get involved 

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