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Monday 6th April
Meditation can be a really helpful way to distract you from your worries.

Task: Take a tiny piece of food (chocolate, raisin, nut, square of cheese…)

  • Relax: Take some deep breaths, close your eyes and get comfortable.
  • Sniff, look and nibble: Really take in how the food looks and feels. Enjoy the aroma. Take the tiniest bite. Continue to breathe and focus.
  • Sensations: How does it make your mouth feel? How about when you swallow? Focus on the piece you’re holding again. Keep breathing deeply.
  • Savour: Take another bite. Relish it. Enjoy it.

The Cares Family have compiled a calendar of daily creative distractions for the month of April – we’ve added each of them to our calendar to invite you to take part. Tick your ‘daily distraction’ off the list, share it to @TheCaresFamily Twitter account and please consider donating to this wonderful charity to support their Covid-19 emergency response. They are also working to help older people stay in touch during this disconnecting time.

You can find the printable checklist for the month in our Isolation Inspiration and Information section.

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