Coffee Companions

We are delighted to be welcoming the Coffee Companions initiative to the Rural Coffee Caravan!

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Coffee Companions, a social enterprise founded by Caroline Billington in 2016, offers people sat in coffee shops anywhere the opportunity to strike up a friendly conversation and maybe make a new friend.

Coffee Companions ‘Chat Mats’ are a wonderful and simple idea which remove attempts at trying to ‘mind-read’ whether someone sitting in a coffee shop would be open to chatting, or would rather be left undisturbed. Carry them with you and when sat having your cuppa, your Chat Mat can display ‘Say Hello’ if you’d be happy to be approached for a natter, or ‘Not Today’ if you’d prefer some privacy on that occasion.

We’ll be adding more information about Coffee Companions very soon, so keep checking back, and you’ll soon be able to order Chat Mats from the Rural Coffee Caravan. If you’d like to ask a question in the meantime, or want to register your interest in Chat Mats, click the ‘Tell Me More’ button.