We are pleased to announce that our latest network is LIVE!

c-a-f-e, which stands for ‘coffee and friends events’, has been created in response to requests from community groups who were interested in MeetUpMondays™. That network is, for very good reasons, only for pubs and cafes but we recognised the desire to be ‘part of something’ and wanted to make it happen for community groups too.

Membership is open now!

As c-a-f-e members you will be part of a two way communication channel, giving you the chance to ask for help or information, either for your group or for a member of your group and we can point you in the right direction. We will keep you up-to-date by sending regular newsletters and periodically inviting you, as group ‘leaders’ to join us for tea and cake and a chance to share stories and pass on tips and generally get to know each other. We will always have a special interest in reconnecting people to their community and can share with you our experiences in making this happen and ask you for yours.

The whole idea is that we are all ‘in it together’, reducing loneliness and building strong inclusive communities.

So are you a coffee morning, a craft group, a lunch club, a church group, or a community that wants to start something new?

We are here and happy to chat if you’d like more information.

Get in touch via our shiny new website page www.c-a-f-e.org.uk or call us on 01379 855338.