Find a friendly welcome, some company and a place to chat, near you.

Our new map includes all of Rural Coffee Caravan’s initiatives!    

Logos for Rural Coffee Caravan, c-a-f-e (coffee and friends events), MeetUpMondays and More Than A Shop

Now you can put your postcode into our map to find your nearest Rural Coffee Caravan village visit, a weekly MeetUpMondays™ close to you, your nearest community ‘c-a-f-e‘ (coffee and friends events), or to find a More Than A Shop store in your area! A friendly welcome can be found in each of these locations through these different initiatives.

Please note that events listed may still be subject to last minute temporary changes to account for any Covid precautions. For the most current update on a particular event or location’s status, please get in touch with them using their contact details and web links below.

We’re adding new locations all the time so keep checking back!

Rural Coffee Caravan village visits, community ‘c-a-f-e’ (coffee and friends events) and More Than A Shop stores are Suffolk based, but MeetUpMondays™ venues can be found nationwide.

If you run a community coffee morning or social event in Suffolk and would like be added to our map, get in touch!

If you can’t find a MeetUpMondays™ venue on our map near to you, but your local pub, café, tea room or hotel lounge could be an ideal place to host one, tell us – and we’ll get in touch with them on your behalf to invite them to join the network!

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