At the Rural Coffee Caravan we know that isolation doesn’t have to mean loneliness. To ward off loneliness people of all ages need connection.

Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle

Kindness Is Not An Act…

With the frequent news headlines about the rise in energy and food prices, its not hard to recognise that the coming winter is going to be very difficult for many people, more people in all probability, than last year. Keeping connected to neighbours family and friends is vital as we go through these tough times and we work hard on this as you know, with our village visits, our MeetUpMondays network and our c-a-f-e network. With the best will in the world though, these wont pay the bills!
If you are in a position to help financially, we would like to suggest three ways this can be done:
1. Winter Fuel Allowance. If you don’t need yours, you can donate it to Suffolk Community Foundation ‘Rebuilding Local Lives appeal’ and they will redistribute the funds to households that need help.
2. Sign up to 500 Suffolk Reasons and donate £1 a week to create a pot of kindness for a household struggling to cope. At the moment these awards can only be made once a month but as the membership grows so will the number of beneficiaries. 500suffolkreasons.org for more info.
3. Donate to our Slow Cooker appeal: Cooking With Kindness Again Slow cookers are very cheap to use and make delicious meals out of the cheapest ingredients. Last year we gave out 500! We want to do this again if we can.
All of these ways to help mean that your gift stays local, something we know can mean a lot.
We are all in the same storm but not necessarily in the same boat
…so if you can help, you won’t change the world but you will make the world of change to someone who needs this kindness. Plus in our experience, kindness begets kindness and we know that beneficiaries in the past have ‘paid it forward’, so it’s really a win win situation.
Any questions, do please get in touch by calling 01379 855338, or by emailing us, or via our social media accounts.
Thank you.
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Welcome to our website

Rural Coffee Caravan creates social spaces in rural places.

Knowing what’s going on in our own communities isn’t always easy. It is especially difficult if access to transport is limited, or the village shop or pub or post office has gone or you live in one of Suffolk’s very scattered parishes.

Rural Coffee Caravan exists to help rurally isolated people in Suffolk access services and information to improve their lives, health and wellbeing, and to bring people together, empowering and strengthening rural communities. We work to alleviate loneliness and social isolation by providing occasions that engender conversations, leading to people feeling more a part of their community. Our service is free and accessible to everyone.

Covid-19 might be a time of physical distancing but our human need for connection remains. We think that loneliness is everyone’s business now more than ever.

Follow the links above to find out more about Rural Coffee Caravan visits (taking place following Covid-19 secure requirements); about the various projects and initiatives we deliver across Suffolk, and take a look at our virtual leaflet rack and digital noticeboard. We’re now sharing signposting information online!

If you have a question or enquiry, we’d love to hear from you – just click the button below!


Rural Coffee Caravan is proud to be a part of the Connection Coalition.

Founded by the Jo Cox Foundation, the #ConnectionCoalition is a network of organisations, charities, companies and groups, united in the belief that a better future can be built for everyone by building strong relationships and connected communities. We hope that many more Suffolk charities will join and take part in the Community Makes Us campaign, a campaign which hopes to harness the community spirit/action which has arisen during the pandemic and reinforce it and amplify it going forwards into the future.

So do join the Coalition, download the toolkit, pop it on your website too, and use #CommunityMakesUs on your social media.

We are all in this together!

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With the frequent news headlines about the rise in energy and food prices, its not hard to recognise that the coming winter is going to be very difficult for many people, more people in all [...]

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Dave, Roger, Harold & myself attended Shotley, Brandon & Red Lodge with our Meccano, Hornby displays last year.

We had a very enjoyable time at each visit with lots of interest on our respective displays. The organisers went out of their way to ensure our attendance went without a hitch, food & drink was well presented and all attendees where very friendly and helpful.

Hope we can help you all again sometime this year.

Ron Frith
Thank you so much for your regular visits to our Village Lunch mornings in Stansfield village. Our village lunch attracts people from several of the surrounding villages, as well as residents of Stansfield.

We are most grateful for this useful resource, and its always a pleasure to have you join us, Garry.

Long may the Rural Coffee Caravan continue to enhance our life in this area of Suffolk.

Sally Carter, Organiser - Stansfield Village Lunch
We attended the Coffee Caravan event in Brandon last year, we were very pleased to be invited to such an informative and interesting day!

It was packed full of stands with information and help for the local community. We certainly made some new contacts. We hope to do it again later this year.

The coffee was good too !!!!

Jenny Pease, Scheme Manager, Heathcote House, Brandon
Thank you for a lovely morning and the lift home. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Please could you pass my thanks also to the gentleman who made me such a lovely cup of tea, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten his name though.

After I’ve finished this e-mail I’ll be searching Amazon for the cookbook you were telling me about.

I would like to thank you for your valuable advice about the possibilities available from MSDC for various aspects of funding for our Village Hall project.

As you know our new building is now finished and will be officially opened on July 7th.

Sue, Drinkstone Village Hall
Rural Coffee Caravan has given Ashbocking residents a friendly, confidential, impartial source of information for a variety of services and organisations, as well as a good reason to meet and share ideas together, with easy activities, coffee and cake!


Anna, Ashbocking
On behalf of the Rattlesden Good Neighbours Scheme I would like to thank the Coffee Caravan and its helpers for visiting Rattlesden.

We feel that the Rural Coffee Caravan is essential as it encourages rural villages, like ours,to do the things they have always done but that somehow were forgotten. It is so good that they are reminding us what “community” is about.

We look forward to further visits.

Jennifer Moore , Secretary - Rattesden Good Neighbours Scheme
The Coffee Caravan has been visiting Redlingfield for two years now and from a population of not much more than 100 we get a turn-out of 20-plus for their visits.

I would urge any village – large or small – to consider the benefits of their visits. If they stopped, many villagers would miss the regular meetings with the exceptionally friendly and well informed staff and volunteers.

Mike Ager, Clerk - Redlingfield Parish Meeting

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