• Winter Warmer Community Ideas Eden Project Communities have created lots of Winter Warmer ideas to help keep communities connected. Including the ‘Big Christmas Lunch and Human Bingo or why not try the ‘Mince Hi’ knock on a neighbour’s door with a mince pie, have a chat whilst you walk together to the next neighbour, and see how many you can bring together to Enjoy a wintery walk around your neighbourhood. View all the creative and fun ideas by clicking on the image below. 

    Eden Project Communities

  • Community Oil Buying Scheme  Community Action Suffolk have produced a leaflet to help the Suffolk and Cambridgeshire community oil buying scheme in partnership with AF Affinity can help you reduce the high cost of your heating oil by bringing Suffolk and Cambridgeshire communities together and buying together. For more information click on the image below.

    Image promoting CAS/AF Affinity Community Oil Fuel Buying Scheme

  • Compassionate Companions Could you be a Compassionate Companion? Support is available for Ipswich and East Suffolk residents to feel more confident and able to offer compassionate support for people towards the end of their lives, and their loved ones. With training, ongoing support, knowledge and confidence you could be a companion volunteer, working alongside other members of the community and clinical teams to provide the best possible care to those at the end of their lives. Read Compassionate Companions – Please Join Us -PDF for more info.

    Compassionate Companions logo

  • History Begins At Home is aimed at improving wellbeing by encouraging intergenerational conversations about the past to help connect family & friends with their own history. Make new memories to treasure by chatting with them on any topic of interest, from food to fashion, hobbies to holidays and much more…  More information, tips & resources available via the History Begins At Home website.

    History Begins At Home connecting people creating History

  • Dora Brown Homemaking is a charitable organisation which is transforming Suffolk homes with a total makeover free of charge for families in need. By creating a pleasant home environment that has a positive impact of mental health and wellbeing. Households are referred to Dora Brown through Suffolk County Council or Ormiston Families. Find out more about Dora Brown Homemaking on their Facebook Page.

    Fora Brown Homemaking FB photo and Logo

  • Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle. With the frequent news headlines about the rise in energy and food prices, its not hard to recognise that the coming winter is going to be very difficult for many people, more people in all probability, than last year. Keeping connected to neighbours family and friends is vital as we go through these tough times and we work hard on this as you know, with our village visits, our MeetUpMondays network and our c-a-f-e network. With the best will in the world though, these wont pay the bills!
    If you are in a position to help financially, we would like to suggest three ways this can be done:
    1. Winter Fuel Allowance. If you don’t need yours, you can donate it to Suffolk Community Foundation ‘Rebuilding Local Lives appeal’ and they will redistribute the funds to households that need help.
    2. Sign up to 500 Suffolk Reasons and donate £1 a week to create a pot of kindness for a household struggling to cope. At the moment these awards can only be made once a month but as the membership grows so will the number of beneficiaries. for more info.
    All of these ways to help mean that your gift stays local, something we know can mean a lot.
    We are all in the same storm but not necessarily in the same boat
    …so if you can help, you won’t change the world but you will make the world of change to someone who needs this kindness. Plus in our experience, kindness begets kindness and we know that beneficiaries in the past have ‘paid it forward’ , so its really a win win situation.
    Any questions, do please get in touch by calling 01379 855338, or by emailing us, or via our social media.
    Thank you.
    Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle
  • Community Catalysts are a UK social enterprise which aims to help local people to help their community. Community Catalysts

  • NHS Wellbeing Friends Wellbeing Suffolk have launched a new project called ‘Wellbeing Friends’ and are asking for all mental health supporters to get involved to help your community by becoming a Wellbeing Friend.  Visit the NHS Wellbeing website to find out more and sign up.

    NHS Wellbeing Friends promo

  • The Friendly Bench is a safe, easily accessible mini-community garden with integrated seating and sensory planting, situated within communities for people to meet, chat, connect with nature, and build friendships and a sense of belonging. It is an active social hub in your community, managed, funded and run by its own voluntary group, where free community led activities are held. The Friendly Bench CIC aims to tackle loneliness, social isolation and build community cohesion using their innovative, purposely designed outdoor social spaces that reconnect people back to their own community. Find out how to bring The Friendly Bench to your neighbourhood by following the link.

    The Friendly Bench

  • Local news and information for Suffolk Villages. Suffolk Village Info is a great, clearly presented Local News website offering countywide info, news, job listings, property news (including new home developments), charity activities and local restaurant reviews. Their homepage includes beautiful snapshots of Suffolk villages and info on population, local facilities and history of the village name.

    grid of images each showing a different Suffolk village

  • Rural Coffee Caravan #RandomActsOfKindness printouts. A “Thank You!” poster – display it in your window, tape it to your bins, give it to your local delivery driver or the person behind the counter at your local store. Print one for the volunteer, carer, friend or family member who helps you out. A little thanks can go a long way to lifting people up and acknowledging the difference they’re making.

    Rural Coffee Caravan Thank You printout

    Rural Coffee Caravan Thank You! Poster/printout PDF

    We’ve also created a ‘Cuppa For a Friend’ printable card kit which you can make at home. Tuck a tea or coffee sachet into the pocket and ‘share’ it with a friend or neighbour, ’til you can next have one together in person.

    image showing three greetings card designs of teacups with tea/brew related greetings for Rural Coffee Caravan Cascade of Kindness initiative

    Rural Coffee Caravan ‘Cuppa For a Friend’ – card kit pack PDF 

    Do share photos or mentions of the #RandomActsOfKindness you’ve spread, to our Rural Coffee Caravan Facebook page, we’d love to see and hear about them!