Covid-19 may have given us need to adapt the way we deliver the literature we usually bring along to our visits, but we’re still here to help signpost you to the support, advice and information you might be seeking.

Virtual Leaflet Rack

Our Virtual Leaflet Rack has links to organisations we work with, who can help you in all sorts of ways, whether you need help to claim benefits, want to know where the nearest adult education class is, or want to set up a fitness activity in your village hall.


Take a look at our Digital Noticeboard for news such as the latest scams advice, ideas for ways to occupy your time if you’re staying home, and inspiration for health and well being activities or free creative workshops.

Royal Hospital School Cards & Letters

Royal Hospital School logo

Email, video chats and online messaging isn’t for everyone. A card or a letter can carry our conversations, exchange kind thoughts, and grow our friendships, just as comfortably, and isn’t nice to receive a little lift through the letterbox! Watch this space for news of an exciting new project we’re helping to deliver in partnership with students from the Royal Hospital School!

Coffee Companions and Chat Mats

Coffee Companions logo square

Each day is different, sometimes we’d love to strike up a conversation without feeling like we’re intruding, and some days we’re happier in our own company. Chat Mats help the conversation flow when you’re out for a coffee on your own, and can equally let others know today’s a quieter day. Rural Coffee Caravan is delighted to become the new home for Coffee Companions & Chat Mats.