• Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle. With the frequent news headlines about the rise in energy and food prices, its not hard to recognise that the coming winter is going to be very difficult for many people, more people in all probability, than last year. Keeping connected to neighbours family and friends is vital as we go through these tough times and we work hard on this as you know, with our village visits, our MeetUpMondays network and our c-a-f-e network. With the best will in the world though, these wont pay the bills!
    If you are in a position to help financially, we would like to suggest three ways this can be done:
    1. Winter Fuel Allowance. If you don’t need yours, you can donate it to Suffolk Community Foundation ‘Rebuilding Local Lives appeal’ and they will redistribute the funds to households that need help.
    2. Sign up to 500 Suffolk Reasons and donate £1 a week to create a pot of kindness for a household struggling to cope. At the moment these awards can only be made once a month but as the membership grows so will the number of beneficiaries. for more info.
    3. Donate to our Slow Cooker appeal: Cooking With Kindness Again Slow cookers are very cheap to use and make delicious meals out of the cheapest ingredients. Last year we gave out 500! We want to do this again if we can.
    All of these ways to help mean that your gift stays local, something we know can mean a lot.
    We are all in the same storm but not necessarily in the same boat
    …so if you can help, you won’t change the world but you will make the world of change to someone who needs this kindness. Plus in our experience, kindness begets kindness and we know that beneficiaries in the past have ‘paid it forward’ , so its really a win win situation.
    Any questions, do please get in touch by calling 01379 855338, or by emailing us, or via our social media.
    Thank you.
    Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle
  • Family Meals On A Budget  If you are looking for simple but tasty recipes for the whole family and are on a tight budget check out Jack Monroe recipes as they are designed with simple inexpensive ingredients in mind. Alternatively allrecipes have a large selection of budget friendly recipes to choose from and video demonstrations are available on their YouTube Channel. 

    Jack Monroe cooking on a bootstrap .com image

  • Seasonal Food Guide  The NFU has produced an interactive guide for British fruit and vegetables to help you find out what is in season and when they are in available to buy. With recipe suggestions to make the most of fresh British produce.

    Countryside Seasonal Fruit and veg guide

  • Understand food labels – Reduce food waste – Save money Do you really know what the labels on your packaging mean? understanding food labelling can help to reduce household food waste and save money. Which? have lots of good advice to help you avoid throwing away food items before you need to.  This will help to  prevent the additional build up of greenhouse gases which are damaging to the environment.

    Which Food Labels Guide Image

  • Get Friendly with your freezer Prevent foods from going to waste. Freezing food you haven’t had time to eat will keep to use another day. There is good advice available from Food Savvy Suffolk and Which to help you if you are not sure what foods can or can’t be frozen along with some essential facts and tips.

    Food Savvy Suffolk Freezing foods guide

  • NHS Free Food Scanner App The app gives you an easy way to scan your family favourite foods so you can find a what healthier options are available, so you can swap them next time you shop. The app is available to download for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.  Find out more about how the app works on the NHS website where you can view the video.

    Food Scanner App

  • Full Time Meals Footballer Marcus Rashford and chef Tom Kerridge have teamed up to launch the ‘Full Time’ campaign to call and end to child food poverty as no child should go to bed hungry. By helping children and families to learn new skills to cook good food with confidence using the equipment available to them. Tom has created 52, simple and easy to follow, pocket friendly recipes that the whole family can cook and enjoy.  With a new recipe available every Sunday morning and cook-along video on the @fulltimemeals Instagram page. 

    Full Time Campaign Meals campaign food poverty image

  • Fairtrade Foodie Tent Although the  Fairtrade Foundation Festival has now passed you can still access the Foodie Tent which has delicious recipes for you to try at home, from Fairtrade banana cake to Fairtrade vegan chocolate & tahini cake and many more.

    Fairtrade Fortnight Festival 2021 Food Image

  • Saving Food Means Saving Money Reducing food waste by using up every edible bit of the food you buy. If your fridge/larder has some odds and ends and you are not sure what do with them, why not put them to good use by turning them into a delicious meal. Using the leftover recipe search guide from food saving specialists Love Food Hate Waste, you can simply type in your ingredients and it will generate a recipe for you to make and eat the same day or stored in the freezer for another time. Alternatively you can find some tasty ideas that you can make from using up leftovers form .

    Love food hate waste leftover recipe image

  • 10 Ways To Reduce Food Waste At Home  Food waste is as damaging the environment so how can we all cut down the amount food that ends up in the bin?  Which? have come up with some simple ideas to try at home.  Live a reduced waste lifestyle by planning ahead, making practical swaps from disposal items to reusable ones and using creative ways to use up leftovers.  There is lots of help and advice available from the Which? website to help you reduce food waste in the home.

    Which Guide 10 steps to reduce food waste Image

  • Recipes from Le Rouzet This lovely cookbook by Cathy Gaynor, features all her favourite recipes for entertaining. Cathy is one of the founders of the charity Age Unlimited that cares for the disadvantaged elderly and young through these difficult times and is run entirely by volunteers. The book can be purchased via the Age Unlimited website and 100% of the book price is donated to the charity.

    Recipes from Le Rouzet cover.jpg