• East Suffolk Money Roadshows A series of money roadshows are taking place across East Suffolk to help provide advice to people concerned about the rising cost of living. Free professional advice will be available on rising fuel costs, money saving, benefits and debt management as well as information on the financial support available. For details on dates, locations and times click on the image below.

  • Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle. With the frequent news headlines about the rise in energy and food prices, its not hard to recognise that the coming winter is going to be very difficult for many people, more people in all probability, than last year. Keeping connected to neighbours family and friends is vital as we go through these tough times and we work hard on this as you know, with our village visits, our MeetUpMondays network and our c-a-f-e network. With the best will in the world though, these wont pay the bills!
    If you are in a position to help financially, we would like to suggest three ways this can be done:
    1. Winter Fuel Allowance. If you don’t need yours, you can donate it to Suffolk Community Foundation ‘Rebuilding Local Lives appeal’ and they will redistribute the funds to households that need help.
    2. Sign up to 500 Suffolk Reasons and donate £1 a week to create a pot of kindness for a household struggling to cope. At the moment these awards can only be made once a month but as the membership grows so will the number of beneficiaries. 500suffolkreasons.org for more info.
    All of these ways to help mean that your gift stays local, something we know can mean a lot.
    We are all in the same storm but not necessarily in the same boat
    …so if you can help, you won’t change the world but you will make the world of change to someone who needs this kindness. Plus in our experience, kindness begets kindness and we know that beneficiaries in the past have ‘paid it forward’ , so its really a win win situation.
    Any questions, do please get in touch by calling 01379 855338, or by emailing us, or via our social media.
    Thank you.
    Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle
  • Rural Coffee Caravan Winter Warmth Resources Take a look at our RCC Winter Warmth page on this website for ways to keep warm and well through the colder months. Our resource page includes links to cost of living support across the county, energy advice, a map of community Warm Spaces and appeals and grants which offer support to Suffolk residents who may be struggling.

    Rural Coffee Caravan Winter Warmth banner graphic

  • Free Independent Age Helpline If you or an older person you know is worried about the rising costs of living and would like a chat or need some support, Independent Age has a free helpline available. They have a team of friendly advisors that you can call for help, support and advice on a variety of subjects including money, care, health and more.  Tel: 0800 319 6789  or alternatively there is a  webchat option by clicking on the yellow ‘Need Help?’ box on their website

    Independent Age Helpline Number