Mental Health Awareness Week  – 10th to 16th May 2021.

Why is it when we are asked “How are you?” Our stock answer is “Fine thanks, and you?” Maybe we’d mention a physical injury at most. I don’t know about you but when I ask how someone is, I care. It’s not just something to say to fill a silence, yet often my response is “Fine”, when really I’m not fine.


Lately there has been a big #BeKind movement. On first glance this might seem as an instruction to ‘be kind to others’, but what about being kind to yourself?  Recognising when you need to take ten minutes away from whatever is going on in a room, when you need to step away from social media, when your body needs a decent, nutrition filled lunch or just needs to get to nature and regroup to find that inner calm.

Nature’s senses make sense

For me getting outside of my own head means stepping outside physically. The feel of the grass beneath your toes in the garden, the smell of the flowers, the sound of the birds – makes the world of difference. Whilst a quick step into the garden can work wonders, being by the water is my real happy place, be it river or ocean.

Cast labels aside

There are many labels that get mentioned when you talk about mental health. If we all looked at Dr Google we would have many a label. Let’s cast those labels aside; we all suffer with our mental health. At times it’s worse than others.  Let’s get back to nature, breathe in that summer rain and open our eyes to the beautiful place that we live. Find something that makes you smile, live in the moment and maybe take a photo to look back on to help remind you of that feeling when you can’t get out.

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’

Together we are stronger and together we can make a difference. Lets make talking about mental health normal, show our kids how it’s done so for them it’s natural.

For support:

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust First Response  0808 196 3494  (24 hour crisis line)

Suffolk Mind 0300 111 6000 or click the link to  email Suffolk Mind

You can find further links to support for mental and physical health and well being on our Rural Coffee Caravan Noticeboard, and in our Virtual Leaflet Rack