On Sunday 21 March 2021, the 2021 United Kingdom census will occur throughout most of the UK.

Taking part in the census is so important, as it gathers essential information that’s used for things that affect your community and the people within it.
Public bodies use census information to help plan and fund services. Knowing what your community’s needs are helps organisations like councils plan and fund public services in your area and across England and Wales. Information you give informs where billions of pounds of funding is spent on things like transport, education and health.
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With your help, we can ensure everyone is able to take part in the census and it counts all of us.
Help by sharing the Downloadable Resources.
There’s a wealth of resource information available, in different languages, on the census.gov.uk website, such as:
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What if I cannot fill in my census questionnaire online?

We know there are some people who will find this challenging but there is a wide range of support services. It will be made easy for you, whatever your needs.
Services include:
  • guidance and support in many languages and formats
  • help over the phone, in a web chat or on social media
  • a paper version of the questionnaire, if you prefer
  • accessible census guidance, for example, in braille
We’ll share more information as we receive it, particularly about other means of completing the census for those who might be concerned that they will be unable to complete it online. If you have any worries about filling one in, or know someone who might be, and it would be helpful to chat with someone local, we’re here to help reassure you so please get in touch with us.
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