It’s Deaf Awareness week this week: 3rd to 9th May 2021.

‘One in five adults in the UK is deaf or has hearing loss. Every day, you’re likely to meet someone who is deaf or has some level of hearing loss.’

There’s some great advice, help and support on the RNID website including reviews of talk to text and text to talk apps. A great one on Android is Deaf-Mute Helper and it’s free. This app allows you to speak and translates it into text which can be enlarged and shown to the person. It also works in reverse.

Hearing loss can be incredibly isolating – reach out and ask how someone would like to communicate. There is some super assistive technology available to help stay independent.

‘Coffee Caravan team member, Becky, says “Without an amplifier on the home phone my relative would just say yes to any question as she didn’t want to admit she couldn’t hear. With the amplifier, attached to the corded phone it was louder than being in the same room and allowed her to enjoy conversations again.”

RNID can help find out how to get your hearing tested, advise on what can help you hear better and overcome communication challenges, as well as put you in touch with local support and befriending.

For more info:

Telephone 0808 808 0133

Text message 0780 000 0123

click here to email RNID

Relay UK 18001 then 0808 808 0123

Textphone 0808 808 9000

A signed call with a BSL information service is also available.

Text that says "COMMUNICATING WITH DEAF CHILDREN Every deaf child has different levels of deafness and ways of communicating. Find out how they like to communicate. Try waving or tapping their shoulder lightly get their attention. Speak one ata time and make the topic clear. Make sure your face is visible and in the light. and don't noise. Try writing your message down or texting on your phone ifyou' struggling. Use gestures and facial expressions and don' give up! National Deaf Children's Society Û"