We’re here to help you get the MeetUpMondays ball rolling but each venue has its own unique style, and our hosts tailor their sessions according to their knowledge of their own locals, their business, and also to the means at their disposal.

The biggest difference is made by simply providing the space to let the chatter happen each week, but some venues also occasionally offer a quiz, raffle or games.

Some venues, once their MeetUpMondays are established, have gotten local events companies to support the initiative by donating outings for their MeetUpMondays group: a theatre matinee; a boat trip; a trip to a local air museum for example.

MeetUpMondays HQ will create a repeat event listing on Facebook to help advertise your sessions each week. We encourage you to keep posting online about the wonderful thing you are doing, and we’ll also use our social media pages to help promote you.

We’ll occasionally send newsletters to share ideas and heartwarming stories between our host venues – you become a part of the supportive MeetUpMondays community when you join the network! We’re here to answer any questions or offer tips and ideas along the way.