An innovative pub landlord, Mick Dore, of The Alexandra in Wimbledon, decided he was fed up with hearing people talk about loneliness without doing anything about it.

He’s always been doing his bit for the community by offering free Christmas dinners to anyone on their own (amongst other things).

He held the first MeetUpMondays session at his pub (The Alexandra, in Wimbledon) in January 2018, and now a regular crowd are there before the doors open every week, just waiting for their MeetUpMondays to start.

Mick gave us his blessing to spread the idea to other pubs and cafes, and Ann Osborn of the Rural Coffee Caravan and Sally Connick of the Suffolk Good Neighbour Schemes have currently grown the network to over 60 venues across the country, with new hosts coming on board all the time. You can follow Mick’s community adventures on Twitter: @TheAlexSW19

and you can follow MeetUpMondays updates from venues across the network on our MeetUpMondays Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and by searching #meetupmondays!