Tradition adapted for modern times

Living in a country full of history it is great to see a long standing tradition continue. Whilst High Sheriff in Saxon times was a role for supporting the Crown, by being responsible for maintenance of the law, it has become so much more.

Role and responsibilities

As the High Sheriff website explains:

‘Whilst the duties of the role have evolved over time, supporting the Crown and the judiciary remain central elements of the role today. In addition, High Sheriffs actively lend support and encouragement to crime prevention agencies, the emergency services and to the voluntary sector. ‘


Each March the High Sheriff for the year for each county is selected. The nominations to the Office of High Sheriff are dealt with through the Presiding Judge of the Circuit and the Privy Council for consideration by The Sovereign in Council. Three prospective High Sheriff nominations are made in a meeting of the Lords of the Council in the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of Justice.

Following on from Bridget McIntyre MBE our Suffolk 2021/22 High Sheriff is Edward Creasy. Mr Creasy was born and grew up in Suffolk having lived the past 21 years in Burgh. He has worked for Lloyd’s of London Insurance market for the past 43 years. Reducing to part time has allowed him a chance to focus more heavily on the charity sector and local work.

High Sheriff Creasy states:

“I am here to help everyone who cares for this wonderful county look forward to the new situation in which we find ourselves; and I’m particularly keen to encourage people and companies throughout Suffolk to support charities.

“Philanthropy is alive and well in Suffolk, but people can help charities survive and thrive not only with their generous donations but also through sharing the experiences gained in their own careers.”

Organisations Recently Recognised

Here in Suffolk we are lucky to have many incredible organisations and individuals all trying to improve the county. These unsung heroes give up their time and make the lives of others better.

Recently Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS)  has been recognised for the incredible work of their volunteers ensuring immediate and advanced medical help is available. SARS have been called out over 356 times in the last year with over 6000 hours voluntary given.

Hadleigh Foodbank Charity were also visited by the High Sheriff. Their motto ‘Making a Better Community – Bringing People Closer Together’ shows they are more than a foodbank . They also offer Bike Hire, Laptops and are running a holiday activity programme.

We are looking forward to our own visit with Mr Creasy on August 10th in Aldringham.

To follow

The great work High Sheriff Creasy is undertaking in recognising our community heroes can be seen at

He can be written to at:

E G Creasy Esq, Mill House, Burgh, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 6PU

Tel: 01473 738900