We will be one of the Community groups cheering on the walkers of the great big walk as they stop briefly with us at our outdoor village visit at Great Bradley between 2-4 PM on the 8th June.

We will be on the grassy village green on a road called Clarendale Estate in the village (CB8 9LL).

Track their live progress and find out more about the Great Big Walk by clicking the link below.


The Big Lunch

[Thursday 25 May] announced The Great Big Walk with the backing of comedian Jo Brand, a week before the start of an adventure which will see five teams of walkers span the UK connecting people and celebrating community.

The Great Big Walk, starting on 29 May, will highlight the rich diversity of communities which make up the backbone of the UK, while demonstrating the commonality we all share.

Peter Stewart, Eden Project Executive Director, said: “The Great Big Walk is an incredible project that will shine a light on the ordinary people all over the UK doing extraordinary things for their community. Whether coming together in celebration or in solidarity, in times like these the importance of community unity is greater than ever before. This project will share the positive impact that people coming together can have.

Setting off from Batley, West Yorkshire, where Jo Cox was MP, five teams of walkers will head home in time to join The Big Lunch as the highlight of The Great Get Together celebrations inspired by Jo Cox, and marking the first anniversary of her death 16-18 June.

The Great Big Walk, an idea from the Eden Project made possible with funding from the National Lottery and other supporters, is announced with the support of Jo Brand, who will join walkers at the start in Batley, West Yorkshire for a spectacular community send off.

Jo Brand said: “I know these guys are going to have an incredible time on The Great Big Walk and I urge anyone who sees them to beep, honk, wave and clap to show you care. From all the way up in sunny Scotland right down to the coast of Cornwall, let’s see which town can give them the friendliest welcome (and the odd biscuit!). And if like me, your dog ate your trainers and your Lycra shorts are in the wash, then you can always plan a Big Lunch, invite your neighbours and just eat cake!”