So we can’t visit, or get out in person for a while. How can we make the best of this…?

As an organisation we’re no stranger to helping communities overcome difficulties; helping them to finding ways of identifying and harnessing their strengths to create opportunities to connect with each other. Over the past few weeks we’ve all witnessed wonderful acts of community and kindness around the world, despite the limited means and physical restrictions folk may have, and we’re collecting some of those ideas here.

These are indeed testing times, but we are all in it together, and we can find and share ways to support each other.

Our Isolation Inspiration & Information section, which we will grow over the coming weeks, is intended as resource bank containing

  • ideas & projects to occupy your time whilst you are staying home or self isolating
  • practical support information sheets and links to sites answering concerns
  • suggestions of ways to keep yourself and the more vulnerable members of your neighbourhood socially connected during periods of isolation.

Please take a look, find some inspiration, share it, and offer your suggestions so we can build this resource for everyone.