MeetUpMondays HQ helps to get the ball rolling  – we’ll create a poster/flyer template for you, we’ll add you to the map and the list of locations on the website.

We’ll promote you on our MeetUpMondays social media pages and create a repeat event listing for you on the MeetUpMondays Facebook page, but the best way is for you to keep ‘shouting’ about and sharing the wonderful thing that you’re doing! The internet is a great tool for this, because even if your visitors might not use it, chances are someone who knows them probably does – and can let them know how good MeetUpMondays would be for them!

We’ll send you the official logo for you to use online and in print and we’ll also post you a free Welcome Pack which contains handy items such as a MeetUpMondays window sticker to display in your venue, some MeetUpMondays drinks coasters, and some ‘Happy to Chat’ badges for you and your staff to wear at your sessions.

We’ll offer help on getting a pavement swing sign to place outside your venue, to signpost visitors to you.

All of this will show you’re part of the recognised MeetUpMondays network.