If you’re a local business you could support your local MeetUpMondays by offering to print flyers to promote their sessions (we can send you the template), with your own details on the reverse of the flyer

You could supply refreshments for MeetUpMondays sessions, or vouchers for them, to the venue.

There is an option of sponsoring a pavement swing sign (we have templates for this too) and your sponsor details can be displayed on the sign to show your support. Email us if you’d like further information.

Perhaps you are an organisation which could offer an excursion to a MeetUpMondays group?

If you’re an individual who’d like to see MeetUpMondays in your home town – download and print our leaflet, and take it along to your nearest pub or café. Tell them about the initiative and how much of a difference it would make! Meetupmondays FLYER 2019

You can volunteer to be a ‘Meeter/Greeter’ or ‘Happy Chatter’ at your local MeetUpMondays; to be that warm welcome and friendly face when someone comes through the door.