Rural Coffee Caravan Visit – Rattlesden

Rattlesden Baptist Chapel Felsham Road, Rattlesden, Suffolk, United Kingdom

We’ll be at Rattlesden today from 10am – 12 Noon Located at the Baptist Chapel IP30 0SF All Welcome! We [...]

Rural Coffee Caravan Visit – Cockfield

Cockfield Congregational Church Chapel Road, Cockfield, Suffolk, United Kingdom

We’ll be in Cockfield today, at the Congregational Church IP30 0HE We would like to offer you the opportunity for [...]

Rural Coffee Caravan Visit – Great Glemham

Great Glemham Village Hall Low Road, Great Glemham, United Kingdom

We’ll be in Great Glemham today ue to the recent flooding in the village hall our visit today will be [...]

Rural Coffee Caravan Visit – Bramford

Bramford - Loraine Victory Hall Ship Lane, Bramford, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

We’ll be in Bramford today  At the Loraine Victory Hall, Ship Lane  IP8 4AL All Welcome! We would like to [...]

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